A Framework for Addressing Social Determinants of Oral Health in the Community, Report by Stacey Chazin and June Glover, Center for Health Care Strategies


A report released by the Center for Health Care Strategies – a nonprofit policy center dedicated to improving the health of low-income Americans – explores the importance of addressing the social determinants of health (e.g., water and air quality, access to healthy food, housing, employment, available transportation and education) when seeking to improve the oral health of underserved communities.

The report describes development of a framework for addressing the social determinants of oral health. This particular framework relied on “parent promatoras” (Hispanic/Latino community members who provide basic health education and guidance around accessing care and community resources) to “engage in one-on-one conversations with parents, accompany them on dental visits” and provide transportation to these appointments.

The Margolin Group strongly believes that dentistry and medicine should not be treated separately anymore. Learnings gleaned from the medical field should be used to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, accessibility and affordability of oral healthcare.

TMG has served as a high-level strategic advisor to the Gitenstein Institute of Health Law and Policy in New York on topics of integrating dental and medical health and has been involved with the Kellogg Foundation’s work promoting the use of Dental Health Therapists to address dental health disparities in underserved communities.

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