An Interview with the former worldwide creative head of interactive media for the Walt Disney Company and now Founder of Me+U Care, Kendall Lockhart

In a recent Humans in Healthcare podcast, founder of Me+U Care, Kendall Lockhart, described the changing landscape of healthcare and his work designing an innovative, virtual care communication platform aimed at creating “healthier patients and happier health plans.” As Lockhart describes, a critical factor in improving health outcomes is the integration of “technology and human-enabled care.” 

Leslie Margolin, President & CEO of The Margolin Group, joined the Me+U Care Board in March 2020 to support Lockhart’s vision of reducing confusion, simplifying and enhancing communication and coordinating all aspects of health and health care focusing on bringing consumers, care givers, family and community support systems together to address individuals’ unique needs and, in particular, to support needs of our most vulnerable populations.

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