Matthew Scolinos

Matthew Scolinos serves as Research and Project Associate for The Margolin Group, bringing with him years of experience supporting high-profile companies in both the public and private sectors. Specifically, Matt has helped pharmaceutical and insurance companies to make informed decisions through the use of his research, white papers and fact sheets.

The foundation of Matt’s professional experience lies within his past legal career, working in both civil plaintiff and defense firms. Through his involvement with private and public entity defense, insurance defense and catastrophic personal injury / wrongful death cases, Matt noticed an overarching trend of crippling debt and poor quality and access to care. This observation led to a shift in his career focus to advocate for broad health care reform in the U.S.

As an associate with The Margolin Group, Matt’s research and writing abilities support the team across a multitude of clients and projects. He obtained his BA in Communication Studies from Biola University and attended Santa Clara University School of Law.