Mayo Clinic Picks One Telemedicine Vendor to Ease Use for Clinicians, Health Data Management, Article by Greg Slabodkin

The Margolin Group (TMG) extends warm and well-deserved congratulations to InTouch Health and the Mayo Clinic on their decision to consolidate Mayo Clinic’s 11 telemedicine vendors to one – InTouch Health. A longstanding supporter of InTouch Health, TMG believes that planful consolidation and effective coordination of tele-health vendors leads to better, more accessible care for patients, eases the administrative burden on caregivers and reduces costs for all.

In a recent Health Data Management article, the Mayo Clinic indicated that consolidation of these tele-medicine services would “enable Mayo to create scalable, standardized services across its nationwide tele-health enterprise.”  TMG applauds InTouch Health and the Mayo Clinic for striving to improve quality and reduce healthcare costs through their partnership.

This is precisely the type of partnership work TMG undertakes with its health care and coverage clients. TMG brings the skill, process, reputation as a trusted, neutral third-party convener and professional services experience to make collaborations between large healthcare organizations and innovative tele-health service providers function effectively.

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