Medi-Cal Patients Flocking to ERs More Than Before ACA, Article by Kellen Browning, California Healthline

A recent California Healthline article highlights how California emergency rooms have become overburdened by Medi-Cal patients, with even more utilizing the service than before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) took effect.

According to data released by the state’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, Emergency Department (ED) visits by those on Medi-Cal rose 75 percent over five years. Experts explain that the increase of ED use may be an outcome of lack of physician supply and low reimbursement rates.

In addition, the article notes that, “old habits die hard,” and Medi-Cal patients are not educated on how best to engage a primary care physician.

At The Margolin Group (TMG), we believe health literacy education is the foundation of a strong system of health care and coverage. Despite looming cuts, the federal government can and must prevent the repeal of ACA provisions that help individuals access and understand health information.

Additionally, TMG believes partnership development that fosters growth of more efficient systems of care and coverage, a robust telehealth strategy, training and support to practitioners so that they may “operate at the top of their licenses” and common-sense reimbursement reform will help reduce reliance on emergency rooms by Medi-Cal patients.

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