Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation

For today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, it is important that all stakeholders are able to meet, communicate and collaborate effectively. As President and CEO of the largest PCP organization in Southern N.E., we faced the challenge of approaching and collaborating with a prominent local payer and a large hospital system. The Margolin Group did an outstanding job in helping all three parties work together, share sensitive information and truly collaborate. As a result, in May 2014, all three parties were able to sign an agreement to truly collaborate and achieve the “Triple Aim” for patient care. This would not have been accomplished if not for the professionalism and organization of Leslie Margolin, Joanna Horsfall and their highly capable team. As a result of their skilled approach, negotiations were smooth, open, honest and, most importantly, highly productive. It was exactly what we needed at exactly the right time.

Al Puerini, M.D.
President and CEO of Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation