Scarcity Of Mental Health Care Means Patients — Especially Kids — Land In ER, Article by Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News

According to a recent article posted on Kaiser Health News, the American College of Emergency Physicians highlighted the lack of high quality, affordable behavioral health care (especially for children and the elderly) as a “growing crisis.”

Specifically, the American College of Emergency Physicians found that a greater number of individuals were admitted to emergency departments with behavioral health conditions than with medical conditions. These individuals stayed longer in the ED and, once discharged, found it difficult to continue treatment in the community. Often these issues are exacerbated by the shortage of inpatient psychiatric beds across many parts of the nation as well as by a lack of community-based mental health programs.

These recent findings underscore significant gaps in the mental health care system and raise the importance of developing community-based care solutions that leverage state-of-the-art technology.

To this end, TMG continues to work with hospital, physician, health plan, community health and cutting edge telehealth partners to improve access, develop innovative, team-based behavioral health programs that improve care coordination and overall health and well-being, reduce costs and, most importantly, increase and improve individuals’ time with their families and/or in their communities.

As an example, working alongside Care New England Health System, Butler Psychiatric Hospital, The Providence Center and its subsidiary, Continuum Behavioral Health, and the largest health plan in the state of Rhode Island, TMG helped to launch the highly successful HealthPath pilot program improving health and reducing total medical costs for individuals across the state.  Based on three years of favorable experience, it is clear to us that this community-based, highly-customizable mental health program can have comparable impact on a national scale, across all lines of business and across all demographics

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