Scott Camlin

Scott Camlin serves as a Senior Advisor to The Margolin Group, and is an Associate with Restructuring Associates Inc.. A noted expert in the process of interest based problem solving, Camlin has consulted to major corporations and unions throughout North America. Prior to joining RAI, he was Assistant to the President for Labor Management Participation at Continental Steel in Kokomo, IN, and a consultant to the International Union of Bricklayers.

Camlin received his B.A. degree from Brown University. He also studied at Harvard University’s Ph.D. program in Organizational Behavior, and while there co-authored a five-year study of union-management partnerships in the U.S. integrated steel industry at Harvard Business School. He has also written and lectured on union-management partnerships, team performance and work re-design. His research background includes fellowships on work redesign and industrial democracy in Sweden, and on work and human development at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.