The Providence Center

The Providence Center and our subsidiary, Continuum Behavioral Health, together with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI and Care New England, have launched a cutting-edge, highly customized, very intensive, entirely patient-centered behavioral health program called “HealthPath” that for the first time makes available to a commercially insured population a program that has proven beneficial in other populations.

The program launch required close, effective collaboration among three highly independent parties who had no prior experience of partnering together. We achieved the launch in eight months – start to finish. We could not have worked at this speed and accomplished this significant a goal without the support of The Margolin Group. The Margolin Group brought together – and kept together – our fledgling partnership to maintain focus on the long-term strategic vision of transforming care and coverage for vulnerable populations in the state, and they helped us work through challenges that, historically, would have sent us back to our traditional ways of interacting. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Dale Klatzker
President and CEO of The Providence Center